Monday, February 9, 2009

Positive face of Economic Recession

In the last few weeks, we have heard and read a lot about economic recession. Some people lost their home, some people lost their job and some people changed their spending habits. Thus, everyone in the world has been affected by this economic recession. But economic recession also has one another side just like anything in the life – a positive side. I thought a lot that how a recession can bring any positive effect towards common people, economy and country. At the end of this thought, I come up with some good ideas that can help us to improve our finance in this crisis time.

  • There is a big opportunity for those people who believe in long term investing. Now there are lot of undervalued stocks and bonds. Investing money on them would be a long term and profitable invest.
  • Weaker companies with less productivity will go away and thus give space for new efficient companies in the market.
  • Economic recession will force the company to come up with innovative and creative ideas that can benefit not only them but also common people and economy of the country.
  • To give people products that last long, companies will rely more on those things which are environmental friendly.
  • The availability of grants will rise up. This will sure help college students who live in high debts and low incomes.
  • Though mortgage act as one of the major reason for this recession, but now even mortgages are cheaper and even interest rate is also low. This is an opportunity for those who are with good credit ratings so that they can borrow as much money as they require.
  • People will appreciate value of money more now.

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