Monday, February 16, 2009

Tips to make your wedding recession proof - II

Just came back from deciding the venue for brother’s wedding. I am little bit tired but thought of sharing all tips for a recession proof wedding will not allow me to rest. So here are some more suggestions for your recession proof and healthy financial wedding:

  • Discuss with your partner each one’s priorities and necessities on the day of wedding. Then try arranging your fund according to the need and priority. Also, try to cut some extra expenses related with wedding day. I know it is very hard, but try to minimize the expenditure for your each need. Also, don’t allow anyone to influence your and your partner’s decision.
  • Never go for debt in any case for any wedding expenses. Spend only that much money which you can afford easily because marriage doesn’t mean spending money only for a single day and then trying to earn money whole life to get out of debt.
  • Choose your wedding venue and vendors intelligently. In this time of economic crisis, they are also trying to survive just like us. So spend some time in search of cheap but quality venue and vendors. Always give a look on the previous history of venue and vendors, means whether they are able to provide quality service or not.
  • Give some time on shopping and you can buy the best bargain on every item or service.
  • May be you’ve decided some fixed amount which you want to spend on your wedding. But that doesn’t mean if you are able to cover up everything within that limit, it is necessary to spend rest of money too. Save it for your future.

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