Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ways to improve your personal finance by being more economical...continued

Just thought of splitting it up into two posts.....Contd....

14> Ok now ways To Save Money In The Home :Make economic use of Light Bulbs ,Telephone ,shower, Water in your
toilet basin. Repair leaking taps .Switch off appliances when not in use.
15>Pay all your bills on time avoid late fees.
16>Some times try Second Hand Clothes.
17> Never take your Kids Shopping - "Mum can I just get that...", "Mum, I really need that...", "Dad, I'm
so hungry!"..damn!!
18> Start your own vegetable garden and save some money, it is also incredibly healthy for you.
19>Always bargain while shopping. Remember there is nothing called fixed price.
20>Consolidate and pay off debt as soon as possible.
21>Be careful about the ATM withdrawal fees charged by your bank.
22>Borrow books from the library instead of buying those overpriced stuff.
23>Check The Tyre Pressure of your car- If your car tyres are low, you car is actually struggling a lot
more when traveling. As a direct result you are wasting a lot of fuel or money.
24>Avoid buying a new car repair and maintain the old one.
25>don’t go to movie theatres free movies online.
26> Go To The Beach(in your vacation) - One of the most wonderfully entertaining places in the world is
absolutely free.
27>Check Price check before buying anything costly. Do your market research and read product reviews before
buying anything costly.
28>Disconnect land line if possible ..only if it's redundant.
29>Plan vacations ahead of time.. be economical.. you know what I mean.
30>Always try to avoid credit cards with annual fee.
31>keep distance from lavish, high-roller friends.. it really helps to save a lot of money.

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