Saturday, December 5, 2009

Things you must know while using your credit cards online

Shopping on web is cool buying stuff without going out of your home is even more cool option for all of us. Buying stuff online using your Credit Card (CC) can be a bad experience if you are not careful enough. Many Internet users do believe that using a CC for net transactions is unsafe . The greatest risk of using CC while buying online is identity theft. Other serious concerns like: personal data or info may be sold to 3rd parties, unauthorized and continuous recurring transactions, not geting the exact ordered products or even paying much higher prices than declared prices.

Many Internet users believe that shopping online is dangerous. So few precautionary measures can be taken until you want to completely give up shopping online. Firstly we should never shop from unknown(read fraud) websites. Always look for familiar sites or ask somebody to recommend you a site or a company. Still, if you're not sure of the site’s identity try to do a detail and minute background checking . Also see the refund and return terms of the company carefully in case they don't send you the right stuff or you're not happy with the quality. The internet browser that you're using has to be a secured and safe browser. By a secured internet browser I mean a Secure Sockets Layer that scramble the data or info you are sending over the net, making the online transaction more secure and safe.

Another vital thing to be worried about is your privacy. The info you're giving when you use your CC online should be kept secret by the site that receives it, meaning it should not be shared or sold to 3rd parties unless you agree. Many sites ask for your agreement for using personal details for marketing, and if you don’t want to give them rights you must know that you can do that. Before giving any personal info or details you should check the privacy terms of an website; if there are things not clear to you give them a call and clarify things. Do not give any data or info, unless you're sure that your CC details are secure and safe.

It is a known that online CC transactions are perilous, as your personal detail data or info are given out and can be misused to do frauds. Yet, if the buyers are watchful to whom they relies these data or info and the vendors are cautious from whom they receive CC data or info, the risks of online CC frauds declines considerably. When exposing personal data or info, common sense must be applied.

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