Friday, February 27, 2009

10 avoidable expenses in Credit Card Debt - I

If you are going through credit card debt then following are some expenses that you should avoid to get out of debt as soon as possible:

  • Avoid taking meals in restaurants: Yes, I can accept the fact that taking meals in restaurant is pleasant but is not essential. You can buy few cookbooks and cook meals for yourself. Try some new recipes from cookbook and believe me you’ll find it more pleasant than going to restaurant.
  • Avoid junk food: Avoid potato chips, burgers, cold drinks etc. Junk food is expensive and is harmful for your health too. Thus by eating junk food, you are affecting your financial condition in two ways. Try to go for real food. It is cheaper as well as good for your health too. But if you want to eat any junk food like burger or chips try to make it at your home.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking is worse than junk foods. It is injurious for your health as well as expensive too. Try to avoid it or minimize it if you can. It’ll be good for your health and your financial condition.
  • Avoid Television: Watching TV is not good for your financial condition. TV pushes you to spend money which you don’t have. Commercials and advertisements in TV encourage you to buy those things which you don’t require. Cable fee in Television is an extra expense so it is better for you to switch it off for some time.
  • Avoid buying DVDs: Watching a DVD is a better option then going to movies. But buying DVDs are still misuse of money. So avoid buying DVDs. Instead of that you can take the DVD on rent or from your local library. But don’t forget to return it to avoid late fees.

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