Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 Tips for People having Pet in Recession

Whenever you buy a pet for yourself or for your family, it becomes a responsibility of everyone in the family. It is always suggested to go for any pet with proper planning and ideation. If you are keeping a pet that can be with you for more than 10 years then I’ll suggest you to make some financial plans for the pet too just like all other members of family. In this time of economic recession when everyone is loosing money, having a pet is an extra expense. Following are some tips to save money on everything from buying to caring of the pet:

  • Buy larger packets of food that you feed your pet.
  • If you are buying expensive brand of food for your pet then switch to cheaper brand as the quality of food remains same in both. You can check that by comparing the ingredients of both brands (expensive and cheaper).
  • Calculate and make a rough amount of money which you spend on your pet’s food. This activity will help you a lot.
  • Look for those supermarkets and stores with some offers or have same quality of food at cheap price.
  • Group together with your other friends who have pets and buy food in bulk from a food supplier.
  • If you have oven at your home, you can bake biscuits for your pet from cheaper brand flours, eggs etc.
  • Dog owners can walk with their pet everyday. This will keep dog and owner both healthy and fit and will not cost a single penny for that.
  • Sometimes veterinary bills can be too much expensive so it is suggested to have pet insurance.
  • Take out some time and find out cheaper insurance for you pets. You can check that also in main supermarkets which have a financial department.
  • You need to cover only because of basic veterinary need, so don’t go for any other policy.
  • You can ask companies who have covered your house, vehicle and health insurance. May be they can arrange a cheaper insurance policy for your pets.

These are some useful suggestions for the people having pets so that they can keep a pet without spending extra money in this recession time.

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