Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Find 15 answers before signing Vehicle Insurance Policy

Driving your first vehicle is a great fun and enjoyment but on the other hand choosing right vehicle insurance policy is not that much enjoyable work. But still it is important to go for vehicle insurance for those people who owns and drives a vehicle and want proper protection for their vehicle. But before going for any vehicle insurance policy, find out answer of these 15 questions which will help you to choose right vehicle insurance policy:

  1. Have you researched vehicle insurance on websites in order to compare price of the policy and terms related with it?
  2. Do you really understand the policy terms and conditions or going for it blindly because it was the first policy offered to you?
  3. Do your vehicle insurance policy covers things like roadside assistance and glass repairs? If yes, then what are the wait times in both cases?
  4. What is the claim procedure for the vehicle insurance policy you are going for and how much time it takes?
  5. What would happen in case of any disputes?
  6. What are the things and cases which your car insurance policy covers? What is not covered by it and why?
  7. Is there any term in the policy when the premium are locked in or guaranteed?
  8. What is the company’s and insurance provider’s history? Are they in good standing among all other insurance companies?
  9. Does the insurance company get good customer review or not?
  10. For how much time you are fully covered after signing the vehicle insurance policy? Is there any wait period where you are partly covered?
  11. With this vehicle insurance are you getting option to choose your own garage in case of any repairs?
  12. In case of claim, do you have to pay first from your pocket with this insurance policy and will be paid later or the insurance company will pay the money at the front end?
  13. Does your vehicle insurance provider arrange any loyalty program for long term customers or improvement for number of new customers?
  14. Is there anything you can do about your driving record and credit history in order to get a better rate?
  15. What are the monthly payments and what are the methods for lowering them?

Getting answers of all the 15 questions will help you to get such insurance policy which will provide the most protection to your vehicle at the least possible cost.

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