Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Health vs Economic Recession - I

I literally apologize for doing so much delay in posting any new informative blog post for all my readers. Actually I was in New York to take care of my Uncle who was admitted in a hospital. Now he is fine but we spent too much money in hospital for him. Even in this time when the whole world is suffering from economic recession, you can’t stop any unexpected expense from occurring especially if it is any health problem. You can’t tell yourself or your family members that this is recession time, so please don’t fall sick and wait till the end of this economic recession. It’s good to have medical insurance for yourself as well as for your family members but still sometimes you find it very difficult to pay some medical bills with the help of your insurance.

In present scenario, lots of people are losing their jobs and many more are losing their health insurance or they are choosing some less valuable health insurance plan because of this economic recession. So in hospitals or clinics, doctors or hospital authority are facing more people who are unable to pay their medical bills or are struggling in paying the bills. You don’t need to feel hesitate to do negotiation with doctors or billing staff of hospitals because they do these things all the time with insurers. So if you think that you can negotiate with doctors, hospital, medical lab or medicine bills, please negotiate and believe me in most of the cases you’ll be successful in negotiating the bills according to your need. There is a lot of thing which I want to discuss regarding this matter but right now I am not getting that much time to share all things with you. So in my next post I’ll share all the steps which you can take regarding negotiating medical bills with doctors or hospital billing staffs.

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