Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Health vs Economic Recession - II

In my last post I was discussing with you that what you should do to lower down your medical bills in this time of recession. In this post I would share some steps that you should follow when you are negotiating with doctor or medical staff of any hospital to lower down your medical bill:

  • Never feel nervous or shy when talking to doctors about your bad financial condition and inability to pay the whole medical bill. Doctors are common man like us and they do understand the logical and reasonable motive behind your inability to pay whole medical bill. They will give you discount or offer you an easy installment plan with 0% interest.
  • Never say to any doctor or billing staff of hospital: “The other doctor (or hospital) is doing the same thing and takes $200 less than you. Why can’t you do this for me?” If you’ll say this sentence, then no doctor or hospital will give you any discount. Never forget that you are trying to lower down payment to a DOCTOR, and not with a car mechanic.
  • Most of the doctors loose a large amount of money every year on unpaid bills and on dealing with insurance people over remuneration. You can make them happy by paying them on time. There are many real incidents when a patient gets a small or heavy discount from a doctor because of payments on time.
  • In case if you don’t have any insurance and you are going for any operation or any medical treatment which is costly, then request the billing department of hospital or treatment centre for a discount or for an easy monthly installment plan. Never go for such treatments without knowing the whole treatment cost or without discussing the matter with the billing department.
  • There are few websites where you can compare the hospitals regarding facility and treatment cost. After making comparison it becomes easy for you to choose the hospital as well as to starting point of negotiation.

I’ll always pray that no one in this beautiful world suffer from any disease but in case if you or any relative of you suffer from any disease, follow these steps to negotiate the medical bills.

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