Saturday, May 9, 2009

Credit Card Options for Newly Wedded Couples - I

When a man and a woman marry each other, they promise each other to share everything (happiness and sorrow) with each other. But when the question comes of sharing their credit cards, then in most of the cases you’ll not find any answer by couples because no one of the couple wants to pay credit card bills of each other. So the question arises here is that whether newly married couple should share their credit cards with each other or not.

It is better for newly married couples not to share their credit cards with each other and have separate accounts till the time they understand each other because after the time when you know each other well, then you can decide whether you should share your credit card(s) with your partner or not. If you choose to have separate credit cards for yourself and your spouse then in that case no one has to answer to each about any expense or about their spending habits. This type of couples is always ready to avoid any clash between them regarding credit card bills. Also they always keep their financial issues always clear which help both of them in long run. One more important thing which I should mention here is that both persons can make a strong payment history under their name.

These were some advantages for the couples which want to have separate accounts and don’t want to share their credit cards. In my next post I’ll share some advantages and disadvantages related with couples who share their credit cards. Also I’ll share different credit card options for newly wedded couples.

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