Monday, May 25, 2009

Improve Your Credit Score

Credit score is important for everyone who has any account and uses credit card. You should always keep in mind that your credit score follows you just like your social security number. It plays an important role whenever you are going to get any mortgage, car loan or even when you are applying for any job. So if a person knows the method of checking credit, then it becomes very easy to improve the credit score. Following are some methods to improve the credit score following which can really help you out:

  • First and most important thing is to review your credit report. Correct the errors if you find any in your credit report. You can always get a free copy of it from any free credit report site.
  • You should always remember to pay you bill on time. This step will help you in long run to improve you credit score.
  • Try to avoid too many credit cards which can lead you into heavy credit card debt.
  • Transferring balances from one account to another can change the ratio of total credit card balances to total available credit lines. But you should also keep in mind that transferring of balances should not affect the credit score.
  • You can also go for other new credit accounts but use it wisely.
  • Try to use your credit card less and always pay them off at the end of month. It is good for your credit score if you keep space between the balance you carry and your total credit limits.
  • It is advisable if you don’t close your old and paid off accounts because closing these old accounts can short your credit report as well as make them of less credit value.
  • You should always avoid bankruptcy because it affects hard on the credit score.

If you follow these steps then you’ll sure improve your credit score and never get into any credit card debt trap.

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