Monday, June 22, 2009

Buying a Laptop - Don’t forget Budget

I know that my blog is completely on finance and it has nothing to do with technical subjects or gadgets. But few days back, I bought my new laptop with the help of my brother. He knows pretty much about all these gadgets, at least more than me. So when I bought the laptop, then I thought that I must share my knowledge and experience with all my readers.

I have a desktop PC but since I have to travel a lot, I need something which can carry my all office work. I was not in favor of buying Laptop but my brother convinced me that buying laptop will bring a heavy change in my work as well as it’ll help in more ways than what I required. My brother helped me a lot regarding configuration of laptop. I needed a small screen laptop because I don’t want to carry a big laptop all the time with me. Also, I travel a lot so I need a laptop with long lasting battery. I needed a laptop which comes with wireless internet because I have to use internet a lot for office work as well as for blogging. Then there were some other configuration factors like hard disk space, RAM, sound card, graphics card and many other things which my brother decided.

Then, we searched on internet about laptops of all good brands to find quality laptop of our requirement with great offer. We didn’t get a particular website where we can compare every brand of laptops to find which one is better. So we went through website of each brand and note down the details of laptop of our requirement and then we compared all the details. These things helped me a lot to know more about laptops. Then we looked for any discount or other accessories offered by the company. And then, at last we bought a good laptop with all the features I needed as well as at comparatively very cheap price. So as a financial advisor I always say that whatever you buy, never cross your budget limits.

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