Sunday, May 8, 2011 Universal Careers Paramedic Reviews

Universal Careers Reviews launches Facebook presence

The world of social media has exploded in the past two years, and Universal Careers has joined the growing number of schools on Facebook.

“More and more students are checking out Facebook to learn about schools,” said Rick Hamilton, senior executive of development. “People are so much more plugged in, and this is a great way to get the school out there for people. It also provides a way for graduates to connect.”

Universal Careers is a leading training school for EMT/paramedics. The school uses state-of-the-art training provided by licensed EMT/paramedics to give its graduates an advantage in the growing field of Emergency Medical Services.

“After graduating from UC and getting hired by a city public safety department, it's really cool to use my Facebook to be able to talk with Universal Careers regularly and tell them how I'm doing,” said Diane Mentz, a UC graduate. “I have also reconnected with some people in my graduating class, as well as some new students. I'm kind of like an online mentor.”

The Facebook site provides another link for prospective students. It also lists upcoming seminars and classes for professionals and lay persons who want to further their careers or gain lifesaving skills.

To become a fan of Universal Careers, just log in to facebook and do a keyword search for UniversalCareers.

Individuals wanting to enroll in the EMT program at Universal Careers should call and admissions representative at (213) 290-4682 or visit the web site at for more information.

Universal Careers is a national leader in EMT and paramedic training and preparation. With customer service offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and a training partner in Fredericksburg, Va., UC is a state-of-the-art provider of training for individuals interested in joining the health care field. Upon successful completion of the Universal Careers EMT Basic course, students will receive additional help in obtaining their EMT Certification which makes them eligible to work with paramedics in every state in the U.S.

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