Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Is The Difference Between EMT Training and Paramedic Training?

Are you interested in becoming an EMT or paramedic, but aren’t sure what kinds of EMT training or paramedic training there is available, and what the differences are? Deciding upon a career in either EMT training or paramedic training can give one many more job possibilities in the medical industry. Generally, you’ll need to have a high school diploma or a GED to enter both EMT training and paramedic training. EMT training has really three different levels.

The first level of EMT training involves learning how to deal with trauma, heart attack victims, gunshot wounds, child birth, and managing respiratory emergencies. You’ll be called to the scene of crimes and accidents. You’ll have to learn basic living saving technology, such as CPR. Once you graduate from your basic EMT training program, you’ll have to take a written and practical examination that is given by your state licensing board. You can also contact the NREMT for more information on this.

The second level of EMT training more advanced, but not quite as advanced as paramedic training. This EMT-intermediate level has different requirements. These differences depend on the state that you live in. You’ll receive approximately 30 to 350 hours of additional training. You’ll learn how to use airway devices and about medications. This level of EMT training will enable you to not only have more job opportunities, but also enjoy a higher pay scale.

The most advanced level of training for EMTs is also known as paramedic training. Paramedic training prepares you to be able to learn advanced medical information on physiology and anatomy. You’ll have to attend a college or technical school for your paramedic training. The programs usually take up one or two years. This paramedic training will prepare you to take your certification with the NREMT. This means that you will have to study extensively and also get in a lot of field experience on the job. After you get certified as a paramedic, you may still be required to take continuing education courses throughout your working career.

The difference between EMT training and paramedic training is that you’ll need to attend a community college or technical school to get a degree before being able to work as a paramedic. Also, another difference is that the stress level will increase. You’ll have more responsibility as a paramedic than as a basic or intermediate EMT. You may be expected to work more hours, because you have more skills that are needed. One of the advantages to EMT training or paramedic training is that the career can be very rewarding. You’ll be one of the people responsible for saving lives and that always feels good. Either way, both EMT training and paramedic training in can open up a whole new and exciting career for you.

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