Sunday, May 1, 2011

Universal Careers helps students open new doors

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Everyone wants a rewarding and satisfying career, but Universal Careers can help those who want to actually make it happen.

Universal Careers, a premiere organization in EMT/paramedic training, offers driven students the chance to certify as Emergency Medical Technicians and begin work in a fast-growing, in-demand field. Students at UC receive intense training from experienced EMT/paramedic professionals with years of experience. This training allows Universal Careers to help students certify as EMTs in all 50 states.

Graduates continue to receive help preparing resumes and in career placement by UC's placement staff, using the large database of clients and Universal Careers graduates already in the field.

The field of health care and Emergency Medical Services is poised for growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the EMT/paramedic field will grow by more than 9% over the next decade. More EMT/paramedic professionals will be needed as older professionals retire from the field. Currently, there are more than 210,000 EMT/paramedics in the United States.

EMT/paramedics enjoy more than just job security. The field offers opportunities in several areas. While many EMT/paramedics are employed with ambulance and fire services in the public sector, there is a large need in the private sector as well. Hospitals and private care facilities also employ EMTs on staff to help with their patients. The 'office' can be anywhere from an ambulance to a helicopter, depending on what type of employment EMTs seek.

The work is exciting and high pressure, but many find it rewarding. The opportunity to save lives and be a vital part of medical care drives many professionals.

Salaries can vary, but EMT/paramedics may find themselves earning more than $40,000 with a potential for higher earnings as the Baby Boomer generation finds itself in more need of health care.

Students wishing to enroll in the Universal Careers EMT program should contact an admissions counselor at (213) 290-4682 or visit the web site at for more information.

Universal Careers is a national leader in EMT and paramedic training and preparation. With customer service offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and a training partner in Fredericksburg, Va., UC is a state-of-the-art provider of training for individuals interested in joining the health care field. Upon successful completion of the Universal Careers EMT Basic course, students will receive additional help in obtaining their EMT Certification which makes them eligible to work with paramedics in nearly every state in the U.S.

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