Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Universal Careers offers employment weblink

Over the past 15 years, the Internet has made many things much more accessible. However, with the growth of online programs and groups, information can get a bit overwhelming and become difficult to sift through.

Universal Careers, a leader in Universal Careers paramedic training, is working to take some of the excess information out of job searching. The organization has launched an easier to browse weblink for career opportunities.

“With the growth in the Emergency Medical Services field, the jobs are out there,” said Jack Peterson, career development for UC. “But some sites are getting cluttered with all of the keywords placed into ads. Some job offerings aren't even related to EMT/paramedic work at all. Universal Careers wants to make it easier for professionals to connect with employers.”

The weblink for individual states can be found by typing -jobs.universalcareers.org. Each page shows links to potential employers in both private and public sector jobs.

Universal Careers has been training EMT/paramedics since 2005, using experienced paramedic instructors and a combination of online classes, traditional intensive coursework and hands-on experience. As the EMS field has changed, Universal Careers has adapted and grown to become one of the leaders in the training field.

Individuals interested in the program at Universal Careers should call (213) 290-4682 or visit the web site at www.universalcareers.org for more information.

Universal Careers is a national leader in EMT and paramedic training and preparation. With customer service offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and a training partner in Fredericksburg, Va., UC is a state-of-the-art provider of training for individuals interested in joining the health care field. Upon successful completion of the Universal Careers EMT Basic course, students will receive additional help in obtaining their EMT Certification which makes them eligible to work with paramedics in every state in the U.S.

Universal Careers Employment Oppurtunities can be viewed at ---------------

talk about the web link where you can view jobs vacancies for UC graduates

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