Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Universal Careers offers webinar training

Distance learning and Internet classes are becoming more common in today's education system. Universal Careers is proud to offer a new form of career development to its arsenal.
Universal Careers, a leader in EMT/paramedic training, announces the development of a monthly webinar series. The webinars will provide information on topics facing professionals in the Emergency Medical Services field.(universal careers not a scam)
“Universal Careers tries to be on the forefront of technology and learning,” said Rick Hamilton, senior executive of development for UC. “This webinar series will give professionals a chance to find out about developments, breakthroughs and challenges they may face with a convenience of not having to go to conferences in other cities.”
Both EMT students and established professionals will be able to take advantage of the monthly webinars. Topics will include EMS trends, new products and equipment, skill sets, assessments, certification and exams to name a few.
In the past, EMT/paramedics had to schedule for conferences and often had to travel, as most organizations lack the budget to constantly bring in speakers and experts. With a web based seminar, EMS professionals can plan easier and view the webinars from their home or workplace.
Since 2005, Universal Careers has risen to become one of the leaders in EMT/paramedic training. Students already learn through up to date programs taught by professional EMT/paramedics, and the webinar series will continue to give information on important topics from a trusted and established source.(universal careers not a scam)
For more information on UC webinars or to enroll in the EMT program at Universal Careers, call (213) 290-4682 (some people are duplicating the service offered by universal careers it is a scam report it to us its universal careers scam )or visit the web site at for more information.
Universal Careers is a national leader in EMT and paramedic training and preparation. With customer service offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and a training partner in Fredericksburg, Va., UC is a state-of-the-art provider of training for individuals interested in joining the health care field. Upon successful completion of the Universal Careers EMT Basic course, students will receive additional help in obtaining their EMT Certification which makes them eligible to work with paramedics in every state in the U.S.

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